The Final Workshop of iMAGING is the major dissemination event of the project. It will be held in CITEVE’s headquaters in Vila Nova de Famalicão (Portugal) next Tuesday 29th of September. You can see the detailed program here:



AITEX will celebrate next Tuesday 22nd of September in the facilities of AITEX Valencia an information session about the iMAGING project.


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AITEX Website

Webiste Publication AITEX 1

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BEST Website

iMAGING is present in BEST website:



AITEX Quarterly Magazine

The iMAGING project appears in AITEX publication describing the project objectives:

No.46. January 2014

No.49. January 2015

No.50. May 2015

Networking at the practical workshops…

…regarding New Media Production Methodology project In NOWOCZESNA FIRMA building.

Bez nazwy-1Networking at the opening event “Power of Video Content Marketing” In NOWOCZESNA
FIRMA building:



Modtissimo is the only exhibition of fabrics and accessories in Portugal, where are present most of the domestic manufacturers and the only Portuguese clothing manufacturers. CITEVE distribute iMAGING flyers.



AITEX assisted to the international trade fair Techtextil in Frankfurt. At AITEX stand project flyers were distributed.


INTED 2015

The 9th International Technology, Education and Development Conference Madrid (Spain), on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of March, 2015, was an excellent opportunity to present iMAGING project to the world community of Teaching and learning methodologies, educational projects and innovations and new technologies applied to Education and Research.


AITEX write a paper and make a presentation of the project and the conference. Project flyers were distributed at the event.

IMG_20150302_175513  IMG_20150302_160309 IMG_20150302_174735

Professors from Belarus visit AITEX

A delegation of professors and university workers from Belarus visited AITEX on March 2015. iMAGING project was presented to the visitors.


AITEX – I Jornada de evaluación de suministros hospitalarios

iMAGING project was announced at an event held in AITEX in November 2014. It was an opportunity for people to be informed about the project. Flyers were shared to the attendants.


Cross dissemination in MOBILEMANAGER project

iMAGING flyers were distributed to the attendants of MOBILEMANAGER project validation sessions.


Final Consortium Meeting (Vila Nova Famalicao, Portugal)

Final consortium meeting was performed in CITEVE’s facilities. This final meeting was focused on the main administrative and management tasks for the reporting period. The consortium prepared the final workshop which was the main dissemination activity of the project.

4th Consortium Meeting (Madrid, Spain)

The meeting was organized by AITEX and happen in Madrid, in a way to combine the project meeting with the dissemination of the project in INTED 2015. This was decided in  order to avoid extra expenses caused by additional travels.

The main highlights of the meeting were the presentation of the iMAGING promotional video and a preliminary version of the webapp with some contents integrated. The validation process of the webapp was defined and  the activities were planned to validate the mobile app and how to train users on the app to get their feedbacks to improve the app and detect possible errors or bugs. The project website was also discussed and updated.


3rd Consortium Meeting (Warsaw, Poland)

The meeting was organized at NF facilities, in Warsaw, during the 16th of September 2014. In the meeting it was approached the work to be done during the next year of the project. Further to the analysis of the Work package 2 deliverables, the consortium started to plan Work Package 3. The first prototype of the webapp was presented.


2nd Consortium Meeting (Vienna, Austria)

The meeting was organized at the premises of BEST in Vienna in 4 th  of March 2014. The project has been uploaded to ADAM database. The time planning was explained and the deliverables were discussed. During the meeting the consortium discussed and established the structure of the application. The project leaflet was approved to further translation and dissemination.

Kickoff meeting (Alcoy, Spain)

The kick-off meeting was organized in AITEX facilities in 30 th of October 2013, in which it was organized the work to be done for the next 5 months.

During the meeting, all partners were present and the coordinator presented the products to be transferred.  The  main  activities  of  the  project  were  presented  and  the  first  activities  were planned.