Nowoczesna Firma S.A.

Nowoczesna Firma S.A.
Puławska 465
02-844 Warsaw

The mission of Nowoczesna Firma (NF) is to create a reputable medium for managerial community. By promoting modern managerial techniques, it reshapes entrepreneurs’ attitudes, draws service providers and their clients together, creates a development-oriented business environment, scales mental barriers of SMEs.

NF respond to specific demands of entrepreneurs, opening opportunities in the areas where the largest competence gaps among managers exist, in line with implementing solutions fitting individualized needs and the peculiarities of the Polish market. NF is the owner of the 3rd biggest business internet portal in Poland, runs HRM Programmes, which lead to creating and promoting standards of running a business and integrating a community of active firms and professionals.

NF also publishes number of periodic reports in HRM and organize events such as: HR congress – more than 2000 participants every year, regional conferences, Business Knowledge Events.

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